• MacSweens Haggis from 500g to 2.5 kg

What is Haggis?

The origins of haggis are somewhat mysterious, but the dish certainly dates back well before Robert Burns' era.  Going back thousands of years, when the hunters returned with their kill, some of the meat could be salted or preserved, but some would need to be eaten straight away.  The fresh, edible offals would be chopped and mixed with cereal and herbs and cooked over the fire in the ready-made container, the stomach.  Hey presto - the first haggis!

How much haggis will you need?

If you're serving haggis as a main course, you'll need 150-200g per person, or 100g if served as a starter.  For maximum impact at larger events, Macsween's mighty 'Chieftain' haggis should be ordered for the address to the haggis at the top table.

454g feeds 2/3  £6.35 each

1kg feeds 4/6 £10.00 each

1.5kgfeeds 6/8  £14.30each

2kg  feeds 8/10  £19.00 each

2.5kg feeds 10/12  £23.95 each

VEGETARIAN 1lb £6.35 each




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MacSweens Haggis from 500g to 2.5 kg

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